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With our help, you can solve a number of questions, for example:

1. Where can I find reliable buyers in Russia?
2. Where can I buy or import fruit and vegetables from?
3. The supplier does not provide a postpayment for the goods?
4. The buyer does not pay for the delivered goods?
5. Rotten goods were delivered and there’s a threat of return?
6. Are you not sure of the terms of the contract or agreement?
7. Do you want to sell fruit and vegetables?
8. Or maybe you want to buy a product?
9. Can’t you conclude an agreement with the Federal retail: Lenta, Magnit, X5 Retail?
10. Do you need to make customs clearance of the goods in Russia?
11. Do you want to have a reliable representative in Russia?
12. Do you need financing to purchase goods?

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