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We perfectly understand the complexity and instability of the Russian fresh fruit and vegetable market.

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In pursuit of competition and profitability, you are trying to buy goods for retail commission. The question is: at what price do you seek these conditions from the supplier? How many seasons (months) do you work with the supplier on risky terms (with partial prepayment) in the hope of strengthening cooperation with one of the strongest exporters, showing your reliability and reputation?

The laws of business are harsh, because everyone is trying to gain maximum benefits for themselves in any way.
This is just business, nothing more. It is important to be ready for negotiations, sometimes tough. Our experience and knowledge will be very useful for you.

Was it the case that you could not successfully sell high-quality products because of the off-season, price collapse and other market changes? Yes, you can focus on the last year's sales. But this is the same as writing with forks on water. At the same time, people will always eat vegetables and fruit, these products will always be demanded, but the volume of demands may fluctuate due to surplus or shortage in the market), the market price is also unstable. The reason for this is unscrupulous traders who pursue non-economic goals.


Our mission is the eradication of unreliable, unprofessional participants in the international trade. We invest all our strength and resources for the benefit of healthy competition and fair business.

We do not offer you goods or services - we offer you a union. Only by joint efforts, honest and responsible approach to business, we can push aside the parasites of contemporary economic relations.

United Fruit Company is a business operator in the field of import and logistics of fresh fruit and vegetables, the company has a professional team of managers in foreign economic activities, salespeople, transport operators, and freight forwarders. All the branches of our company are represented by people who are independent of each other, but united for the benefit of successful business. The goal of each of them is to do their job for 100%, and YOU set this goal!

We can provide you assistance in the following situations:

  • If the supplier does not provide a post payment, we will issue your supplier a bank guarantee for payments for the goods.
  • We will provide you a company for importing and customs clearing of goods.
  • We will provide help if you need assistance in negotiating and concluding a contract with the exporter.
  • We can advise you on how to successfully cooperate with your supplier, so that he confidently provides you with the best delivery conditions up to commission fees.
  • We can provide legal and financial support in business deals with the exporter upon request.

If you professionally succeed in doing your business and have a positive sales rating, we will proudly recommend you to our partners, and you can have a steady supply of high-quality fruit and vegetables for inspection.

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